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Published articles:

“Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation,” ArtReview (January/February 2012)

“Josephine Meckseper,” ArtReview (October 2011)

“Laurie Anderson,” ArtReview (April 2011)

“Ryan Trecartin,” ArtReview (September 2010)

“100 Acres,” ArtReview (Summer 2010)

“It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it that counts,” The Art Newspaper, v.19 (April 2010)

“The Pedagogical Impulse,” ArtReview (March 2010)

“Richard Tuttle: Incidentally,” ArtReview (September 2009)

“Why satellite art fairs are recession-proof,” The Art Newspaper, v.19 (February 2010)

“Post Negative Eugenics–What’s That? [Erik Parker],” ArtReview (January/February 2009)

“Jeffrey Inaba: The Infrastructuralist,” ArtReview (October 2008)

“Those Fucking Americans,” ArtReview (September 2008)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (April 2008)

“Ian Burns [Future Greats],” ArtReview (March 2008)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (February 2008)

“The Legibility of Effort,” ArtReview (January 2008)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (December 2007)

“New York vs. London,” ArtReview (November 2007)

“Tara Donovan: The Emergent Artist,” ArtReview (July/August 2007)

“Richard Serra: Heavy Metal,” ArtReview (June 2007)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (June 2007)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (May 2007)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (March 2007)

“Tales from the City,” ArtReview (February 2007)

“Who’s Afraid of Structural Film,” ArtReview (February 2007)

“New York: Another 48 Hours,” ArtReview (January 2007)

“Open Season: Tales from the City,” ArtReview (December 2006)

“The Fischer King,” ArtReview (December 2006)

“Do Androids Dream of Making Art,” ArtReview (August 2006), 50-55

“Valerio Berruit,” Modern Painters (May 2006)

“Ars Nova,” Modern Painters (February 2006)

“Factum1 Factum2,” Modern Painters (December 2005)

“David Altmejd,” Modern Painters (November 2005)

“Epistemic Threads,” Modern Painters (September 2005)

“Between Embroidery and Suture,” Modern Painters (July/August 2005)

“Notes Towards the Exhaustion of Photography,” Modern Painters (May 2005)

Reviews, previews and other short writings:

“Jon Kessler: Blue Period,” ArtReview (April 2012)

“Michael Snow: In the Way,” ArtReview (March 2012)

“Dissonant Returns at Art Basel Miami Beach,” Art Agenda (December 2011)

“Can I Get a Witness,” ArtReview (October 2011)

“The Royal Remains,” ArtReview (September 2011)

Ostalgia at The New Museum,” ArtReview (September 2011)

“Thomas Lowe,” ArtReview (Summer 2011)

“Krzysztof Wodiczko,” ArtReview (May 2011)

“Monika Sosnowska,” ArtReview (January February 2011)

“Tony Cox: White Trash Mystic,” ArtReview (December 2010)

“Adam Cvijanovich and David Humphrey: Defrosted: A Life of Walt Disney,” ArtReview (October 2010)

“Robert & Ethel Scull: Portrait of a Collection,” ArtReview (Summer 2010)

“Carol Bove,” ArtReview (May 2010)

“Diana Thater: Between Science and Magic,” ArtReview (April 2010)

“Richard Mosse: The Fall,” ArtReview (January/February 2010)

“The Generational: Younger Than Jesus,” ArtReview (Summer 2009)

“Martin Kippenburger: The Problem Perspective,” ArtReview (May 2009)

“30 Americans,” ArtReview (April 2009)

“Future Greats: Ishmael Randall-Weeks & Melanie Schiff,” ArtReview (March 2009)

“Prospect.1 New Orleans,” ArtReview (January/February 2009)

“Jordan Wolfson: Untitled False Document,” ArtReview (December 2008)

After Nature,” ArtReview (October 2008)

“Laleh Khorramian: I Without End,” ArtReview (September 2008)

“Matthew Smith: Typical Works,” ArtReview (July/August 2008)

“Vote of Confidence: Half the People Are Stoned…,” ArtReview (July/August 2008)

“Coco Fusco: Buried Pig with Moros,” ArtReview (June, 2008)

“Golden Balls: Buckminster Fuller,” ArtReview (June 2008)

“Boris Groys: Thinking in Loop,” ArtReview (May 2008)

“Hans Haacke,” ArtReview (April 2008)

“Christopher K. Ho: Happy Birthday,” ArtReview (March 2008)

Reviews Marathon, ArtReview (February 2008)

“Nightshift: Rosson Crow,” ArtReview (February 2008)

“Heather Rowe: On Returning,” ArtReview (January 2008)

I Am As You Will Be: The Skeleton in Contemporary Art,” ArtReview (December 2007)

“Jimmy Raskin’s Confession,” ArtReview (November 2007)

Late Liberties,” ArtReview (October 2007)

“Question Time: Why Africa?” ArtReview (October 2007)

Stubborn Materials,” ArtReview (September 2007)

“Lily Ludlow: Every Flinching Atom of Flesh Must Be Flayed,” ArtReview (June 2007)

“Tracy Emin,” ArtReview (June 2007)

“Johannes VanDerBeek: Bed Bush Ruins,” ArtReview (May 2007)

“First to Arrive: Frank Stella,” ArtReview (May 2007)

“Buy In, Sell Out: Jude Tallichet,” ArtReview (April 2007)

“Stan Douglas: Klatsassin,” ArtReview (March 2007)

“Robert Longo: The Outward and Visible Signs of an Inward and Invisible Grace,” ArtReview (February 2007)

“Mysterious Skin: Melanie Manchot,” ArtReview (February 2007)

“Lisa Yuskavage,” ArtReview (January 2007)

Out of Time [MoMA],” ArtReview (November 2006)

“A Bit of What You Fancy: Ryan McGinness,” ArtReview (October 2006)

“Hiraki Sawa,” ArtReview (August 2006)

“Mark DiSuvero,” Modern Painters (July/August 2006)

Fallout: Cold War Culture,” Modern Painters (June 2006)

“Inka Essenhigh,” Modern Painters (May 2006)

Opterracuna [Robert Miller Gallery],” Modern Painters (April 2006)

“Thomas Hirschorn: Superficial Engagement,” Modern Painters (March 2006)

“Lari Pittman,” Modern Painters (February 2006)

“Marcel Dzama,” Modern Painters (November 2005)

“William Eggleston,” Modern Painters (October 2005)

The Jeweleigha Set,” Modern Painters (October 2005)

“Barry McGee: One More Thing,” Modern Painters (October 2005)

“Sarah Sze,” Modern Painters (September 2005)

“Joan Mitchell: Fremincourt Paintings 1960 – 62,” Modern Painters (September 2005)

“Wayne Thiebaud,” Modern Painters (July/August 2005)

“Jack Goldstein,” Modern Painters (July/August 2005)

“Magnus von Plessen,” Modern Painters (June 2005)

“Wim Delvoye,” Modern Painters (May 2005)

“Thomas Hirschorn: Superficial Engagement,” Modern Painters (March 2005)

Book Reviews:

Suzanne Hudson, Robert Ryman: Used Paint (MIT, 2009)

Michael Fried, Why Photography Matters As Art As Never Before (Yale, 2009)

David Wojnarowicz: A Definitive History of Five or Six Years on the Lower East Side, Ed. Ambrosino et al (Semiotext[e], 2006)

Americans in Paris, 1860-1900, Ed. Adler et al, (National Gallery, 2006)

Jed Perl, New Art City (Knopf, 2005)

Peter Greenhalgh, The Modern Ideal: The Rise and Collapse of Idealism in the Visual Arts from Enlightenment to Postmodernism (V&A; Harry N. Abrams, 2005)

Talks and Unpublished Papers:

The Aesthetics of Effort,” delivered at 2008 CAA panel, “Painting and Critique in the Age of the Market,” moderated byChristopher K. Ho and Peter Rostovsky.

“‘Structural Film’ as Technique of History,” unpublished manuscript.